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Change Pitch Bend Range in Ableton Live Operator


This is a small tutorial on how to change the pitch wheel / bend range in Ableton Live's Operator from its default value of +-5.  It's not particually hard, but not exactly obvious either.


First, drag an Operator Instrument into a channel.  There are 4 "rows" of controls on either side of the black area in the middle, and when you click on one of those rows, the black area changes to display controls relevant to that row.


Click on the bottom right row.



The bottom right row should highlight, and the black area in the middle should look like the above screen shot.


Now simply double click on the number (default: +-5st) to the right of Pitch in the "Pitch Bend" row, type in a new number of semi-tones, and press enter.  That's it!