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Tutorials and Compatibility:


The VMeter is a class-compliant USB MIDI device, which means that just about any music software can talk to it on Windows XP, Win 7 and OS X (linux, too--not tested).  You can "map" a VMeter's touch position, pressure output, or pitch wheel output to just about any knob or fader in most programs. And in most cases, when you make changes on the screen with the mouse, or playback automated data, you'll see the LEDs on the VMeter move by themselves, just like a motorized fader.  Some programs even support VU Meter MIDI outputs so you can watch levels on a VMeter.


Unfortunately, several programs do not send data back out, so you're limited to using the VMeter as a controller input, but you won't be able to see changes made with a mouse show on the VMeter.


We're working to get around these limitations by emulating Mackie Control Surfaces.  This is how many other controllers, including iPad apps like TouchOSC and TouchDAW, work.  This is still a work in progress.  Another promising alternative is the program LC XMU, which  can turn any MIDI controller into an emulated Mackie Controller.  This is not free, and only available for the MAC.


  • Volume control for PC / MAC
    • Software for Mac and PC is available on the instructions page to control and display your computer's volume. On the PC, you can also set the VMeter to bounce with the music, or display CPU activity levels (Vista+ only).