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Using VMeter and Arduino to control a Fan, Servo Motors, and Read Analog Input



Using an Arduino and USB Host shield, you can use the VMeter to visualize and control physical knobs and motors. 


Things you'll need


  • Arduino
  • USB Host Shield
  • The USB Host shield libraries (available at above link)
  • Arduino code (note, this code works on an original arduino and USB Host Shield, you might need to tweak things if you're using a new model of either. Email us if you need any help).
  • Servos
  • DC Motor
  • Potentiometer (to test analog input)

What the code does

Depending on what parts of the code you leave commented or uncommented, it can do the following:
  • (arduino --> VMeter) read analog input (voltage) and display the output on the VMeter as a column
  • (VMeter --> arduino) read the position and or pressure, and use this to control either a DC motor (analogWrite()) or Servo Motors.


  •  When you test out your USB Host shield, first run the descriptors test code (Arduino --> examples --> USB) to make sure you can initialize the VMeter.